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As Adam Smith, the 18th century philosopher and father of modern economics, said:


              “It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker

                that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest.”


This statement was the start of modern capitalism.

Self-interest has been the goal of capitalism ever since.

The 19th century saw the birth of such notables as the oil baron John D Rockefeller and the financier J.P Morgan.

Such individuals marked the beginning of what we now know as modern capitalism.

By the time Rockefeller died in 1937, his Standard Oil Company dominated the oil industry and had made him arguably the richest man ever to live.

J.P. Morgan controlled the railroads, steel manufacture and agricultural equipment and the banking industry revolved around his shrewd and deliberate financial policies.

These two personified the definition of capitalism –

“the dominance of private owners who possessed capital and wealth, producing and distributing goods using their invested private capital, with the singular purpose of making profit for themselves.”.

This rationale ensured that they were always at the head of the financial tree.

(Lat: capitellum > caput – head).

What has this got to do with epigenetics?

Capitalism manipulates the world to suit its own purposes. Investors like Rockefeller devote a huge portion of their capital in the product they choose to champion.

Oil is a dirty fossil fuel that pollutes the atmosphere and jeopardises the health and welfare of every human being on Earth, but it is the number one source of wealth on planet Earth.

Even when a genius like Nikola Tesla demonstrated how to run a vehicle on magnetic energy with no pollution and zero emissions and offered it free to the world, he was completely blocked.


Because it would ruin the financial gains of the global elite.

Consequently, Tesla was defunded and removed from the engineering world, while J.P. Morgan used his government influence to ensure Tesla’s inventions were wrapped up in the Official Secrets Act as a so-called “threat to society,” never to see the light of day again.

And so, the pollution goes on and the rich get richer.

Industrial development:

Greed, wealth and power have dictated the discovery and direction of every major technology and industrial development for the last 150 years.

Many of the “external influences” produced by these inventions affect the genetic biome of the human body.

The primary external influences are:

1.       fuel / energy         –        oil, natural gas and coal (plus fracking), electricity production

2.       chemicals                       

a.       agriculture             -        pesticides (plant and soil contamination), (resulting in the release of methane

                                                   and nitrous oxide)

b.       medicinal              -        disposal of unused or expired medicines and vaccines

c.       industrial                -        exhaust fumes and  emissions from manufacturing

d.       waste                     -       general rubbish, cigarette butts, bottles etc

e.       drugs                     -        syringes

3.       plastic                    -       fashion - synthetic material nylon/acrylic/rayon etc

                                                  food    -  plastic wrapping, packaging, bags,

4.       transport                -        ships, trucks, cars, airplanes,

5.       construction          -        material extraction and manufacture

                                                   (industrial waste and water pollution)

6.       deforestation        -        cattle rearing > methane gas and tree cutting (CO2)     

It goes without saying that we could eat less meat, drive EV vehicles, stop smoking and wear sustainable clothing and a lot of these external influences would be reduced.

But it is unlikely this will ever happen, as all of the above products entail highly profitable returns, something that wealthy shareholders are not likely to let go of any time soon.

Therefore, all media, advertising and promotional items on TV, cinema, magazines, and social media are geared to making the consumer want the products on offer, whether they are good for them or not.

State of health:

Around the turn of the 20th century pollution from oil, methane gases and chemical waste was already creating havoc with people’s health.

Governments were beginning to realise that these external influences were affecting individual health and were instigating more severe restrictions.

So, to prevent legislation that would curb their production, the rich had to take attention off the unsolicited damage their products were creating in the environment.

They needed a distraction which came in the form of the germ theory, discovered by Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch.

Announced in 1907 this provided an alternative explanation for the diseases being created by toxic pollution, industrial waste and so on.

It diverted attention away from their deadly impact on the environment and also very conveniently created another huge cash cow - the pharmaceutical industry.

By clever manipulation (funding) and re-definition of terms, the medical industry was gradually subverted, turning the germ theory into a blanket solution as the cause of every disease or malady.

Traditional doctors

In the early 1900’s the regular trusted GP’s (General Practitioners) could be relied upon to provide solutions to routine physical ailments.

In the time-honoured fashion of traditional medicine, using their bedside manner and general understanding of routine symptoms, they would observe the condition and apply common sense to provide a remedy.


A doctor is called out to assist a child with sinus troubles.

The doctor observes the home environment and advises cleaning or removing the dust filled rug in the lounge, and changing the down feather pillow the child was sleeping on.

Lo and behold - no more sinus.

But once the idea of the germ as the cause of all things was ‘sold’ to the doctor, the diagnosis changed - it must be bacteria or a virus.

The remedy - prescribe a drug or medicine.

For sinus troubles, medicines come in all forms - liquid, tablet, nasal spray etc and are available without prescription over the counter (for a price of course).

The profits of big pharma soar every time a medicine is prescribed, with the added bonus of turning children in lifetime addicts (more profit).

Of course, the more artificial product a body consumes, the less able it is to purge toxic influences, as the drugs and medicines actively prevent the body from doing so.

The price of medicine:

This is not to say that medical practice has had no value over the last two centuries, it has of course be of tremendous value to our health and wellbeing in many different ways.

The germ theory itself has had far reaching benefits as a result of medical research, but it has come at a price.

The number of patients has expanded ten-fold in the last hundred years and many people are now complete victims of the medical system, having been turned into virtual medicine junkies.

In the UK it is often impossible to even phone a doctor nowadays, most appointment requests are dealt with by email. Often, the first line of ‘treatment’ may well be a prescription for a medicine, antibiotic etc without even seeing the doctor in person at all.

If that doesn’t work, a one-to-one visit will be arranged, often with a time delay.

When this is finally done, the doctor will make a cursory examination and consult with the patient about the symptoms.

But medical practice has also been turned into a profit making business, so time is at a premium. It’s not good for business (profit) to spend a great deal of time going into specific details and even after a personal visit the outcome is likely to be the same.

Further prescriptions of medicines or drugs (it should also be noted that pharmaceutical companies provide great incentive and many expensive perks for practitioners to prescribe their drugs and medicines).

Treating the condition with traditional remedies has taken a back seat.

External Influences:

External influences are just that – external influences.

Many of these are created by man because of greed, power or financial control.

Keep in mind the first rule of capitalism – self-interest.

The more the general populace becomes a victim, the more money can be made.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking the primary goal of big-pharma is that they have your best interests at heart, their primary goal is profit.


A large influx of patients come into a clinic.

It is liberally reported throughout media channels that there is a flu epidemic.

The media is controlled by the global elite and told what to say and when to say it.

So, if thewy say there is a flu epidemic the public are taught to believe them.

In many cases it is the media that diagnoses there is a flu virus.

As the symptoms are similar to influenza, no further investigation is needed, only a blanket remedy.

                                           Diagnosis   -    flu epidemic       Solution   -   flu vaccine.

Based on this rationale, any large group of people getting sick can be the victims of a virus.

Using this method of diagnosis, those people who suffered at Nagasaki could be diagnosed as having a flu virus (radiation sickness has many similar symptoms to the flu).

If this twisted logic was applied in the engineering world, bridges would collapse long before they could be

completed and skyscrapers would never get anywhere near scraping the sky.

It might also be worthy of note that as far back as ancient Egypt, it was known that influenza was an airborne disease that was inhaled through the air we breathe.

The word itself comes from the Latin (Lat: influentila – emanation from the stars, a flowing in).

Only recently has science caught up with this 3000 year-old diagnosis and begun to realise that inhaling

contaminated air might be the actual cause of the so called flu virus.


Who is contaminating the air and by what means is a question outside the parameter of this article.


Your genes are hereditary, transmitted from parents to offspring, from generation to generation.

(Lat: heredem – heir).

The genes you are born with contain the various combinations of nucleotides which occur in the DNA or RNA molecules of your hereditary chromosomes.

Hereditary genes account for about 10% of human disease (or deformity).

The remaining 90% of malfunctioning genes are epigenetic – in other words determined by external influence.

A short list of the most widespread influences are listed below: (this list is only an example and is not complete)



                        air and water,                                         cleaning and cosmetic products

                        industrial/factory emissions                  drugs / medicines      

                        inhalation of toxic fumes                      cigarettes

                        radiation – computer/phone                alcohol

                        electro-magnetic fields (power lines, wireless devices, cell-towers)


Of course, life-style choices make us more or less susceptible to these influences.

If we don’t get adequate nutrition and hydration, have insufficient sleep and/or lack of exercise, we will only

exacerbate the effect of these external influences and make ourselves more susceptible to disease.


As Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine stated:

                                         “It is necessary to treat not only the disease,

                                          but also to counteract the causes that cause it.”


As described above, 90% of cell wellbeing is affected by external influences (epigenetic influence).

((Lat: epi – on top of, genes – be born, become).

Epigenetics doesn’t change the basic hereditary cell structure, but it can and does contaminate existing cells.

A germ cell by definition is :

                  “a microscopic organism capable of developing into a new individual cell.”

                  (Lat: german – sprout, bud)

A cell can be broken down (split) by the introduction of an external influence which causes bacteria to thrive.

The usual forms of bacteria come from soil, water and air, and on the tissues of plants and animals.

When a healthy cell is polluted, bacteria will begin to multiply either by fission or forming spores, leading to them containing half (or more) of the chromosomes of a somatic cell (healthy cells are described as somatic cells).

Germs are not the cause of sickness

There are trillions of germs, which the immune system is geared to deal with under normal circumstances.

However, when germ cells multiply, they can become numerous enough to override the immune system.

If it were true that germs were the cause of sickness, we would all be so overwhelmed with pathogens that we would be incapable of withstanding their influence.

Undoubtedly, we would all long since be dead.

Epigenetic influences devastate the balance between healthy and germ ridden cells, enabling cells with germs to proliferate and overwhelm the immune system.

External influences (germs) create microscopic organisms capable of developing into new cells.

Once they have been ingested  they multiply and attack the body.

The observable result can be seen once the germs are multitudinous enough to overwhelm the immune system.

                          Epigenetic influences are the cause of 90% of unhealthy physical conditions.

                                                              Sickness and disease are the end result.

Blaming germs for causing sickness is like blaming a rat for making your house dirty.

Obviously, if you don’t clean your house, you will attract rats.

If you don’t clean your body, you will invite disease.

If you don’t want rats (germs) to infest your body, take common-sense precautions to prevent them.

To find out what is polluting your body, do an epigenetic hair scan.

If there are any toxic influences attacking you, the scan will itemize them.

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