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Commercial disclosure

Paragon Health Centre provides the following services

1. Hair scan and CellWellbeing report


Cost: 25,000 yen 

2. Hair scan, report and consultation package:

An optional phone consultation with one of our practitioners can be delivered for an additional nominal amount (recommended).

The practitoner will explain the hair analysis report in precise detail.

Package cost: 29,500 yen 

3. Wedding service package

Package incudes:

a. Educational workshop

    This workshop is ideally conducted face to face with the marriage           couple at:

i    the wedding venue

ii   a location of the client's choosing

    (celebrant's travel expenses paid for by client).

iii  at the Paragon Arete academy (Komoro shi, Nagano ken).


If none of these options are feasible, the workshop can be delivered online (not recommended as the celebrant would prefer to develop a familiarity with the marriage couple before the ceremony).

* Note : The educational workshop requires a minimum of 3 sessions (each will take approximately two hours).


The couple and the celebrant  will also need to visit the wedding venue together for a practice run.

This will confirm the positions, timing and how the service is deliviered.

c. The ceremony itself on the wedding day, delivered by the Paragon Arete wedding celebrant.

Cost :                 250,000 yen

Celebrant's travel expenses (and accommodation if needed) paid for by client.


4. Vow Renewal package:

This package includes

a.   A rundown of how the wisdom of Aristotle is relevant to the                   continued success of a marriage.

b. A practice run of the vows.

c. A visit to the venue for a practice run.

d. The Vow Renewal service delivered by a Paragon Arete celebrant.

Cost :                125,000 yen

Celebrant's travel expenses (and accommodation if needed) paid for by client.

Sales tax: will be added to these prices at the applicable current rate.


Company : Paragon Health Centre
Address    : Ichimachi 5-4-8 Komoro-shi, Nagano-ken 
Post code: 384-0033

Phone      : 0267 34 0182
Japanese : 080 5362 5162
English    :  070 2361 1613
Company owner: Peter Zimmatore

Conditions of sale:

1. Hair scan:

Cost is incurred when the hair scan is sent to the master computer in Germany and is non-refundable.

2. Wedding services:

Payable in full, in advance .
Workshop is conducted at the hotel or ceremony venue.
Clelebrant travel (and accommodation if needed) are additonal costs added to the overall cost after the service is complete..

Methods of payment:

a. Direct through this site by Credit Card.

b. By bank transfer to :HachiJuNi bank Komoro
Account name : Ippan Shadan Hojin -Nagano Karate Academy
Branch : 351 Account number: 1168548.

八十二銀行   小諸支店番号 : 351  

普通預金  口座番号 :    1168548                

振込先 ナガノカラテアカデミー


Refund policy:
There is no reund policy as the services are non-refundable.

If the client cancels for any reason the payment will not be refunded.


Exceptional circumstances:

In the case of a natural disaster (earthquake etc) that prevents the ceremony from taking place, the schedule will be re-arranged and delivered at no extra charge.

If the celebrant has already incurred travel or accommodation expenses, an amicable solution can be agreed upon, bearing in mind that this will already be a period of great stress. 


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