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Health is physical, mental and spiritual




                                                                    TRUTH ©

                                                 The three words above are the maxim of the Paragon Health Centre.

                                               They relate to the three separate sections into which this site is divided.

Section 1:     Physical Awareness

The first section of this website contains information about maintaining optimum physical health.


Section 2:      Mental Awareness

The second section of the site contains information on the “Paragon Arete method of Character Development  based on the works of the great Greek philosophers, primarily Aristotle, Plato and Socrates and Pythagoras.

The Greek word ‘arete’ is a holistic concept whereby an individual develops particular qualities of character which result in living life to its full potential. This concept is what inspired the oringinal Olympic Games.  

These ancient texts have been updated for use in the 21st century as a guide to assist in mental well-being and happiness.

The “Techne manual” can be downloaded from the site and offers drills and knowledge of the ‘Doctrine of the Mean’ and how it can be implemented in today’s modern world.


Section 3:      Quantum Awareness

The third section of the site contains research about quantum awareness.
This is a more esoteric section (aimed at those who have a spiritual inclination) which demonstrates how closely related our spiritual abilities are to quantum mechanics.

The manual contains general information about the history and current advancements in quantum physics and practical exercises designed to turn on perceptions which are outside of the normal sphere of physical experience.



To maintain optimum health, it needs to be approached from all angles - mind, body and spirit.

It is natural to concentrate on the physical aspects first and then perhaps how the mental / psychological influences affect the body and lastly how spiritual influences also play a part in overall well-being..

We hope this site provides some insight into all three.

                                                                                               SECTION 1

                                                         PHYSICAL AWARENESS

Common sense:

The first message from a health centre must be: take care of yourself.

Most Government websites contain guidelines on how to stay healthy.

These provide common sense advice on diet, exercise and consumption of medicinal drugs and alcohol

(including precautions concerning recreational or hard drugs).

Regular health check-ups are an additional benefit available free of charge or at a reasonable cost in most developed countries.


It is advisable to ensure that your nutritional intake is sufficient for your body.

An active sportsman for example, will need a more calibrated diet supplement intake than an office worker.

It is sensible to get seek technical advice on what is required for your particular situation.

The internet of course is a valuable source of information providing the data is reliable and accurate.

The ‘Healthline’ website contains many articles backed up by scientific medical evidence.


Health Tips:

The Paragon Health Centre article “Health Tips” also contains information on some of the physical influences that affect bodily functions.

The article was written after studying Richard Anderson’s excellent book “Cleanse and Purify Thyself” which contains a great deal of sensible information on physical health and wellbeing.

Perhaps its most important datum is:

                                                      “The body is alkaline by nature and acid by function.  

                                                                     Almost every function creates acid.”
It goes without saying that the quality of what you put in to a vehicle will determine the efficacy of its performance.

If you put low grade petrol into a car you will get less performance, if you put low grade combustible food into a body it will slow down and pollute the system. (Junk food is one of the primary sources of obesity in the Western world).

Doing a cleanse will undoubtedly produce excellent results as well as adjusting diet afterwards to maintain the 70/30 balance.

Mr Anderson suggests that the best balance of alkaline to acid is 70% alkaline > 30% acid.

He also recommends that cleansing the intestinal tract and digestive system will go a long way to achieving this 70/30 balance.

(see Health Tips Article on on this site).


It is not just diet and supplements that are affecting the optimum performance of the body, many other external influences also change the immune system and metabolic functions.

The science of epigenetics is a relatively new science that applies 21st century technology to explore at DNA level, how external influences can affect the functions of tissues and organs in the body.

(Gk: epi – on top of / outside of / in addition to, gen – be produced)

Hair analysis:

Epigenetic influences can be identified by scanning hair follicles.

These are then analysed using a sophisticated computer algorithm which prints out a 35 page genetic blueprint of your current physcial condition.

It contains guidelines on diet, exercise and vitamin and mineral supplements that can help to maintain homeostasis (optimum physical condition).

It also provides a plan of how to regulate cell performance and maintain the 70/30 balance.

(See epigenetics article for more detailed information).


Covid 19

This website is not a political forum.

However, at the present time it is impossible to talk about physical health without mentioning COVID 19.

As our maxim on the top of the page says – TRUST IN TRUTH.

At the end of the day, you must determine for yourself what is the truth and what is not concerning the virus and the vaccines.

Only you can decide who or what to trust (or not).

This site recommends that you avail yourself of sufficient and accurate information.

Then exert your own intellectual reasoning to make a qualified decision on the agenda of the vaccines currently being distributed throughout the world.

A You Tube video by Dr David Martin that provided the actual truth behind the Covid vaccine rollout was of course immediately taken down by 'persons unknown'.

Fortunately BitChute is not so easily dissuaded, so an expanded version of Dr Martin's original talk to the EU is given here.

 This should leave no doubt as to the veracity of the Covid vaccines that have been propagated by the so-called experts who are supposedly looking after your health.

Physical awareness:

We hope that you come to a conclusion that gives you peace of mind about your physical health.

Whatever you decide, the fact remains that the better the condition your overall physical health and immune system are in, the better chance you have of recovery or prevention against any physical disease or sickness.


                                                                                              SECTION 2

                                                          MENTAL AWARENESS



The Ancient Greeks were some of the first to study how to ‘guide their lives’ which was the initial focus of philosophy.

This subject was first propounded by Pythagoras who defined a philosopher as:

                                                                                  “one who is attempting to find out.”

He attempted to find out the causes and general principles of the universe (the Ultimate Truth).

This led to the adoption of the term philosophy as a ‘lover of wisdom’ and spawned the Golden Age of ancient Greece, a period of over 500 years during which the Greek nation was at its peak of power, glory and reputation.

(Gk: philos – loving + sophos – wise)

Such luminaries as Socrates (Socratic sect,) Plato (Academic sect,) Aristotle (Peripatetic sect,) Diogenes (Cynic sect,) Zeno of Tarsus (Eleatic sect,) Epicurus (Epicurean sect,) Zeno (Stoic sect,) Arcesilaus and Carneades (Sceptic sect) and of course Pythagoras himself (Italic sect) all flourished during this period.

The Golden Age of Greece:

During the Golden Age, the mental faculties of many wise men were applied to the existing truths of the day to see if they stood up to more intense scrutiny.

Many datums were dissected to see if greater or more accurate truths could be revealed, or whether those theories should be accepted or discarded.

The information contained in this site is based on the wisdom of these great philosophers.

Although it is nearly 2500 years old, it has stood the test of time, and is as relevant now as it was back in the days of ancient Greece.


The Paragon Health Centre focuses on one of these philosophers in particular - Aristotle.

His life and works are briefly covered in the following You Tube clips.

                                                                            PHILOSOPHY - Aristotle - YouTube



His method of empirical reasoning, based on experiences and practical observations, formed the backbone of his research.

(Gk: emperikos – experience, skilled).

His system of investigation of analysing facts is now commonly referred to as the dialectic method of reasoning (logic).

Perhaps one question, more than any other, was the object of the study of all the Greek philosophers.

That question was:   "What is truth?"

Plato conceded that we could only know truth: “If we sublimate our minds to their original purity.”

Even in the days of Ancient Greece there were sceptics who considered it was impossible to discover the ultimate truths.

Arcesilaus stated that “man’s understanding is not capable of knowing the truth” and Carneades concluded that “our physical senses are inadequate to help us in that investigation.”

Character Development :

The Paragon system bases its search for truth on one of Aristotle’s most workable datums:

                    “Character is that which reveals moral purpose, exposing  the class of things a man chooses and avoids."

Before Aristotle’s research, the established definition of social conduct was a more-or-less black and white proposition.

Black is a sin and white is a virtue.

This didn’t leave much wiggle room for any grey areas.

Aristotle proposed that we are all basically good (virtuous), but temptations can cause us to stray from an honest path.

These character flaws, (defects) if not corrected, may eventually lead to long term patterns of negative conduct (vices.)

Mental strength could be defined as a system of ‘guiding life’ and is based on the power of the mind.



The ancient Greeks concluded that an action is right in so far as it is virtuous and promotes happiness and that being of good moral character (arete) is a necessity to the development of a stress-free happy life.

This gave rise to the philosophical definition of ‘utility’ as being the effort to achieve the greatest happiness or benefit for the greatest number.

On this premise, they did not envisage that happiness could be reached by a person who is constantly involved in corruption or unethical conduct.

       “Knowledge is the condition of knowing, virtue is the condition of being and utility is the condition of doing.”

                                                                                                  Socrates.                                                                                               Defects:

Aristotle defined a defect as a lack of something necessary for completeness, which could be either an ‘excess' or a ‘deficiency'which draws away from the 'middle line' of arete.

For example, we see an actor in a film and admire their skills and physical appearance. This then inspires us to become an actor ourselves > admiration would be a natural  arete, an appropriate and positive reaction.


Some fans however may take this adulation to extreme, becoming besotted by the actor’s every move.

They may plaster their walls with photos of their stars and follow them 24/7 on social media and attend every concert or film they perform in (excess defect).

The ultimate eccentric could even become a stalker (vice).


On the other hand, some followers may see the skills and beauty of their icons as completely unattainable and give up their dream of ever becoming an actor themselves (defect of deficiency).

Heaven forbid they might even take up a profession as a film critic (joke!!)

The Teleology Chart: ©

Various tools have been developed for the Paragon Arete system, the primary one being the Teleology Chart.

Teleology means ‘having an end in mind.’

(Gk: telos – end, ology – doctrine of)

The Chart is based on a book by Aristotle called Nicomachean Ethics (EN) which among many other things states that long term happiness can only be achieved as a result of living a virtuous life.

The chart uses the ‘Doctrine of the Mean’ as a method of finding the middle line (arete) to provide an optimum solution wherever negative behaviour (defect) is creating mental stress.

Aristotle’s original works contained 11 aretes with their attendant defects, but to broaden this out and bring it up to date, the Teleology Chart includes 7 prime aretes, 35 sub-aretes, plus the defects that are an excess of deficiency connected to these aretes.

See the article on the Teleology Chart in this site.

Life is a matter of conscious decision:

One of the maxims in the Paragon Arete system is:  “Life is a matter of conscious decision.”

This guiding principle is used to assist a person (using techne) to decide if there could have been a more virtuous conclusion (arete) between the two extremes of excess and deficiency.

If so, this new decision is adopted as a more logical action to deal with similar situations in the future.

EQ – MQ:

Stress is one of the main factors that dictates the direction in which you guide your life.

Many people suffer from (or have suffered from) mental stress.

Social media, pressure from work, financial difficulties, domestic conflicts, physical debility, and a host of other influences are commonplace.

How we deal with stress can be described as a combination of intelligence, emotional and moral reaction.

Nowadays there are many psychometric tests which can be used as a means to identify the effects of stress on daily life.

Well known examples include IQ tests (Intelligence Quotient) and more recently that of EQ  tests (Emotional Quotient).

The Paragon Arete system uses Aristotle’s teleological approach to calculate the connection between EQ and MQ (Moral Quotient) and also how this is affected by IQ.
Focus on MQ stabilises EQ and brings about a state of mental and emotional composure.

See the article on EQ – MQ in this site.


This arete/defect technique (called techne) helps the individual to investigate previous areas where a defect was employed and come to a self-determined decision on how to replace the defect with an arete.

The end in mind is: living a virtuous life with the goal of long-term achievement of happiness.

(The Paragon Arete Character Development article contains more details).

Mental Awareness:

It goes without saying that it is not possible to live a happy life with a cupboard full of skeletons. Law enforcement agencies often observe that criminals routinely live miserable lives, which prompts them to commit further crimes.

Not surprisingly, they are also in poor pathological condition.

To stay healthy requires a healthy mind as well as sensible physical precautions.


                                                                                              SECTION 3

                                                        QUANTUM AWARENESS


Many philosophical sects and religions refer to an ancient energy which caused the material universe to come into being.

This energy (commonly referred to as the Pleroma) was discharged from a primordial source called the “Aeon” in the form of positive and negative polarities.

The word pleroma is derived from the Greek meaning ‘filling’ or ‘being full’.

Over the centuries the Aeon and pleroma have had several different definitions and interpretations, depending on the belief to which they are attached.

As it is not possible to cover all these different beliefs, we have kept our focus to the ancient Greeks as our source of information for this phenomenon.

The first of the ancient Greek philosophers to research the pleroma in great depth was Aristotle

(q.v. Physics Book IV Section 8),

When he investigated the principle: horror vacui – in other words the concept that ‘nature abhors a vacuum’ he concluded that nature does not contain any vacuum (including the regions of outer space), but that there is a substance that fills the void.

He called this substance aether.

Modern science:

Aristotle's concept of aether was  later expanded  by such luminaries as Francis Bacon and subsequently many other noted scientists, (see ‘luminiferous aether’ Wikipedia).

They modernised the term 'pleroma' to a more technical definition called ‘plenum’ which carried the literal meaning of ‘space filled with matter.’

(Lat: plenus – full)

Eventually through the additions of many notable scientists such as James Clark Maxwell and Einstein, this led to our current understanding of quantum theory.

Now 21st century scientists postulate that there is a quantum energy (pleroma?) that ‘fills’ the universe currently referred to as ‘dark matter’ of the Unified Field.

Here is a You Tube video that might go some way to explaining quantum energy.


Aristotle’s system of logic primarily focused on things one can experience with the physical senses.

Extra-sensory perceptions were left outside of his research parameters into the province of the soul.

Plato stated that the soul was able to experience phenomena outside of the physical senses (metaphysical).

(Gk: ta meta ta phusika – the things after physics).

For our purposes, the approaches of both Plato and Aristotle are interwoven, in so much as Aristotle provides the nuts and bolts of practical observation concerning the soul and Plato provides the vehicle with which to enter into the spiritual sphere.

First and foremost, both of these great philosophers agreed on one point:

There is an energy that is the source of life, be it the life of the macrocosm (pleroma) or the life of the microcosm (soul.)

From their philosophical viewpoint, this energy is a spiritual emanation that exists distinct from matter.

Influence of Pythagoras:

Pythagoras conducted systematic experiments of numerical ratios with the idea that ‘number rules the universe’ and many of his mathematical equations were endowed with mystical and spiritual qualities.

His investigation on the musical scale and the concept of the harmony of the spheres also influenced his belief in the ‘transmigration of the soul.’

After many travels he formed a school in Croton, Italy which became a secret society of adherents called the ‘Brotherhood.’

Pythagoras set up this brotherhood with the goal of uncovering the ultimate truths of existence, which he stated was only possible by attaining a state of purity (both physical and spiritual).

The final result of ardent study and practise would be the recognition of the ‘Universal Truth.’

Wikipedia contains the following definition for a Universal Truth:

                        A truth is considered to be universal if it is:logically valid in and also beyond all times and places.

                          Hence a universal truth is considered logically to transcend the state of the physical universe

                        whose order is derived from such truths. In this case, such a truth is seen as eternal or as absolute.”

                                                                  (q.v. Wikipedia > Universality – Philosophy).

It is difficult to gauge what can be considered as eternal or absolute, as it lies outside of physical measurement, but what is not physical can be classified as being in the realm of spirit.


In this site we are using the term quantum awareness as a mathematical extrapolation of spiritual energy. In other words, the spirit (or soul) operates in the quantum sphere when radiating the wavelengths of energy.

Consequently, we assume that spiritual awareness requires a transcendence from the material dimensions of body and mind to a connection with and closeness to the harmony of the Universal Truth.

The ancient Greeks stated that even a person of good moral conduct does not necessarily rise to a level where he can contemplate the higher levels and perceptions of spiritual existence.

Plato stated that a quantum leap was required to become aware of the spiritual realm and if this leap was made it would be                                                                                        ‘a new way of life.’

Aristotle also suggested that the first step of this discovery could be envisaged with the aid of hope:

                                                     “Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible.”

Hope requires a quantum leap of faith.



The end in mind of the Paragon Arete system can be broken down into its three component parts.

Section 1:

Physical health can be improved by taking care of the body.

For a refined program to optimise physical health, an epigenetic scan of your hair can be provided through this site.

Go to the purchase page to order this product.

Section 2:

Reducing mental stress can be achieved by implementing the techne procedure contained in the Paragon Arete Character Development system.

Go to the purchase page to order the Character Development Techne manual.

Section 3:

Quantum awareness is a spiritual attribute and although spiritual qualities have at present no definable means of physical measurement, they are perhaps achievable by a free and responsible being who determines spiritual development through acts of his own will.

You may be able to break through to the quantum field by way of your own will and perception.

Section 3 is designed to provide practical guidance and assistance to spiritual perception.

They will achieve a spiritual recognition or they won’t, but either way you do not need to rely on anyone else’s opinion or guidance.

Just do them and see for yourself!

(Go to the purchase page to order the Quantum Awareness manual).

Special Note:

As the Quantum Awareness drills tap into spiritual perceptions and skills, the QA Manual is only available to those who have completed the techne drills of Paragon Arete Character Development.

The Paragon Arete system  follows the advices of the Greek philosophers, namely that you have made virtue a part of your daily habit and routine.

this is a proviso before we will provide you with the manual on quantum awareness.

 This might seem like an unnecessary precaution, but we don’t want advanced spiritual abilities to fall into the hands of corrupt individuals or groups who would use it for negative means.

We hope you will gain a recognition of the underlying essence of the Ultimate Truth.

                                                                                     TRUST IN TRUTH

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