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The three words above are the maxim of the Paragon Health Centre.
They relate to the three separate sections into which this site is divided.
Section 1:     Physical Awareness
This section contains information about physical condition and concerns common sense actions aimed at developing and maintaining optimum physical health.
Section 2:      Mental Awareness
The second section contains the proprietary program developed by the Paragon Health Centre called the “Paragon Arete Character Development Workshop.”
The word ‘arete’ is a Greek word which loosely translates as virtue and the workshop presents some of the works of the great Greek philosophers updated for use in the 21st century as a guide to assist in mental well-being and happiness.
The workshop can be downloaded from the site and offers drills and knowledge of the ‘Doctrine of the Mean’ and how it can be implemented in today’s modern world.
Section 3:      Quantum Awareness
The third section of the site contains information about quantum awareness.
This is a more esoteric section aimed at those who have a spiritual inclination. It demonstrates how closely related our spiritual abilities are to quantum mechanics.
There is also a workshop that can be downloaded for this section which contains general information about quantum awareness and also some practical exercises that are designed to turn on perceptions which are outside of the normal sphere of physical experience.
Please click the section(s) you are interested in to get more detailed information on how to apply the data for that subject.
We hope you enjoy the adventure of various drills and practices that are available.



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