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Marriage workshop and ceremony

The Paragon Arete Marriage Workshop is based on the wisdom of Aristotle .

  • 21 hours
  • Online / at the wedding venue / at a location chosen by the client

Service Description

The Paragon Arete ceremony honours traditional customs and merges the Japanese spirit of Wakonyosai 和魂洋才with the Western wisdom of Aristotle, the ancient Greek philosopher. Aristotle considered happiness as “doing things successfully as a routine way of life”. Developing an honest and forthright character and following a path of virtuous conduct will lead to achieving the full potential of your marriage. The end result is everlasting happiness - the true magic of marriage. Guide book: As well as enjoying the good times, there will be tough challenges ahead. How these trials and tribulations are overcome has a great bearing on the success and longevity of marriage. Like the pilot’s flight manual, we need a guidebook that provides education and training to help us work through both the good and tough times of marriage. Prior to the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom will study the Paragon Arete marriage guide book and the philosophy of Aristotle that underlies the ceremony.

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100 Mayoral Drive. CBD

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