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Perhaps it could be said that love is the one thing above all,

that is worth giving or receiving.

With regards to marriage, it is the foundation on which every relationship 

should begin and can be viewed from three different perspectives: 

1.       Physical,        2.       Mental          3.       Spiritual. 


Physical appearance and/or sexual attraction.

In most cases, this is the number one reason why couples get together.

It could be the result of ‘love at first sight’ or may develop from a close friendship

over time.

As far as marriage is concerned it is a strong starting point, but during this

preliminary time of heat and passion “love is blind.”

Although lovers will initially disregard each other’s weaknesses or shortcomings,

in the long run these character flaws can become obstacles to a long-lasting

relationship. Getting to know the real personality means being able to accept

the person as they are, faults and all.  


Communion of minds

While it is the magic of a relationship to continue to see your wife as physically

beautiful or your husband as handsome, it takes more than that to keep the fires

of true love burning.

Of course, sharing work or career goals, having the same life-style standards,

engaging in similar hobbies and so forth bind a couple more closely together,

but perhaps the most important factor of a solid and long-lasting marriage is

also the primary maxim of the Paragon Arete marriage workshop:


No marriage will survive if there are secrets from one another.

No matter how difficult it may seem, communicating everything honestly is

the only way to keep the fires of love burning and the marriage stable.

The Paragon Arete wedding ceremony is based on the wisdom or Aristotle.

One of his primary principles is:

“Life is a matter of conscious decision.”

The first decision is to be completely honest at all times. 


Spiritual union

An old expression states “Marriages are made in Heaven.”

Perhaps the ultimate expression of love is the sensitive connection formed

on the spiritual plane, which does not rely on physical contact

or material wealth and possessions.

This spiritual bond could be described as love in its highest form,

the divine current that surges through an unshakeable relationship.

Aristotle stated “to love someone is to identify with them.”

The ultimate manifestation of this is when two souls merge with each other

so completely that they feel they are as one soul, inhabiting two bodies.

This can be compared to the Japanese concept of  一心同体  isshin doutai.

When a couple can form and maintain this level of partnership, they will not only

love each other, but they will be the closest friends that can be (soul-mates).

To be truly complete, a relationship will contain all three descriptions of love

listed above (the marital trinity).

Of course, achieving anything takes patience and persistence and this applies

equally well to marriage, as Confucius stated:

every journey begins with a first step."

Very few weddings are preceded by a handbook for a young couple,

despite them setting out on what may be the biggest adventure of their lives.

To help along the way the Paragon Arete workshop provides a first step,

 a marriage handbook and a comprehensive  workshop on how to apply it.

This workshop is a 21st century look at the three sections listed above,

brought up to date to mirror today's modern standards.


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