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Four strands of hair can change your life!







                                                                   HAIR SCANNING


How are epigenetics and hair scanning related?

There are several articles on this website that explain epigenetics in greater detail.

For those with limited time, a brief explanation is given here.



We’ve all heard of DNA, the acid in living cells that carries the genetic code.

The first point concerning epigenetics is the discovery that even with the same DNA, there can be variations in physical form, health and body growth.

For example, bees in a beehive all have the same genes but some are workers, some are soldiers and one is even a queen.

However, despite having the same basic genome they can evolve into different forms.

(Gk: genes – born > genome – the genetic material of an organism)

This applies to humans too!

Even in identical twins, one may have chronic hay fever, the other one never gets it.

How come?

(see the video on the epigentics page for a full explanation of this)

Theoretically, if the make-up of our genetic factors was only from what we inherited from our parents, then the bio-dynamics of identical twins would be exactly the same.

On the same basis there wouldn’t be any variation in bees either, they’d all be workers for example.

Over the last ten years DNA studies have continued to progress and the science of epigenetics is the latest breakthrough in the study of cellular structure.

                       “Our DNA, which makes up our genes, is like a hard drive that make us  who we are.  

                          Epigenetics refers to chemical processes that influence how our genes work,

                         without actually changing our DNA.” Ref: BioCeuticals

Although our DNA is modelled on what we have inherited from our ancestors, there are also external factors on top of the DNA that influence the chemical processes which dictate how our genes work.

This is how the name epigenetics is derived.

(Gk: epi – on top of, genes – nature of a cell or living thing > to be born)


External factors

People are just like bees, subject them to too much processed or low nutrient food, toxins and chemicals, electromagnetic radiation (e.g. cell phones / computer screens / power lines etc) smoke, alcohol and so on, and their cells will be affected.

The first sign of this effect on cell structure is inflammation, which attacks the immune system, influences our nutritional and metabolic functions and is at the root of all disease.

The primary external factors are shown below:

a.       pathogens               -        viruses, bacteria

b.       diet                          -        metabolic reactions to stimuli

c.       toxins                       -        heavy metals

d.       chemicals                -        household and industrial items

e.       EMF                         -        microwaves, (TV, computer etc)



Pathogens are infectious micro-organisms that cause disease.

(Gk: pathos – disease, gen > genes, produce, be born)

The main culprit is bacteria, but there are also viruses, fungi and parasites (such as worms).                                           

(See article – How pathogens make us sick).



The correct diet for your body type is integral to your physical well-being as well as having a large influence on your lifestyle.

(Gk: diaita – a way of life)

There are many different diet options, five main categories are shown below:

1.       Gluten free

2.       Low carb

3.       Mediterranean

4.       Paleo

5.       Vegan

Your needs might change over time, which will require a change in diet, but it is important to identify which diet you should be on at any given time.

(For descriptions of each of these, see the articles on diets)


From a genetic point of view, a toxin is any poison formed by a living organism as a result of its metabolism (generally referred to as a bio-toxin).

(Gk: toxa – bow > the poison used for arrow tips)

In the world of nature, a black widow spider, scorpion, snake and blowfish all use their organisms to produce poisonous toxins, some of which can be lethal to humans.

Environmental toxins (usually referred to as ‘heavy metals’) are also poisonous, and can be split into three general categories, examples of which are shown below:

a.       hard metals              -        titanium, chromium and uranium

b.       ductile metals          -        iron, nickel, copper, silver and gold

c.       soft metals                -        zinc, cadmium and mercury.



‘Non-metals’ can also accumulate in the body, such as lead, arsenic, aluminium and chlorine all of which are poisonous if present in excess quantities.

These are present in industrial pollutants like pesticides and many routine household items also contain these chemicals.

(Arabic: al kimea  > chemical  - art of transforming metals)

Examples are:

toothpaste               (fluoride)                           deodorants (aluminium)

perfume                   (methyl alcohol)                polish (toluene)

shampoo/dyes        (ammonium chloride)       soaps (sodium benzoate)

cigarettes                (nicotine)                           medications (arsenic)                               

disinfectant             (formaldehyde)                 washing powder (chlorine bleach)   


Electro-magnetic Fields (EMF)

Mobile phones, power lines, computer screens, TV and internet, fluorescent lights, microwave ovens

are all sources of EMF.  

Exactly to what extent EMFs influence the physical condition is still being researched, but it is well known that

extended exposure, especially to computer screens or mobile phones produces effects at a cellular level.


Hair Analysis

Hair is formulated in the womb and by 22 weeks the foetus contains over 5 million follicles, each of which

contains a DNA record.

Although core DNA never changes, for genes to function properly a biochemical process (methylation) takes place continuously which controls a wide range of bodily functions and is essential to overall health and wellbeing.

Any of the external influences listed above can ‘add on’ to the cells affecting the methylation process,

and in some cases create adverse conditions or potential health problems.


Hair scanning

As can be seen in common items like the mobile phone, technology has advanced dramatically in the field of electronic scanning, this is also notable in the medical field (MRI, CT scans etc).

This technology has been incorporated into the scanning the resonance in the hair and bulb follicles.

A machine called the S Drive (see separate article) has been developed that makes it possible to identify which methyl functions are working correctly and which are not.

This provides a means to correct any methylation imbalance and restore homeostasis (physiological stability).

By placing four strands of hair (including the follicles) on the scanner, the epigenetic influences are scanned and digitally transferred by internet to a master computer in Germany.

An individual genetic blueprint is then calculated using computer algorithms which contains data on and any needed recommended remedies to get the body into optimum condition.

Cell Wellbeing report:

The information is presented in a 35-page tailor-made print-out, which contains an explanation of how any epigenetic influences are affecting your health and wellbeing.

This includes:

a.       bodily systems (cardio-vascular, immune, digestive, hormone, musculoskeletal and gut condition)

b.       dietary intake (including hydration)

c.       vitamins and minerals

d.       antioxidants

e.       the effects of electro-magnetic interference from the environment

f.       status of fatty and amino acids

g.       chemical and toxin influence

h.       stress – physical and mental (emotional)

i.        exercise and sleep patterns

90 Day Plan

The report also contains a 90 day plan to stabilize the immune system at an optimum condition which includes advice on  :

a.       pathogen eradication

b.       detox - elimination of the effect of any toxins and chemicals

c.       isolation and removal of EMF influences

d.       a balanced diet

e.       a vitamin and mineral booster program

A qualified consultant from Paragon Health Centre goes over this report in detail and explains exactly how to administer the plan.

The end in mind is optimizing general health and well-being.


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