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Updated: Apr 20, 2022



Many philosophical sects and religions refer to an ancient energy which caused the material universe to come into being.

This energy (commonly referred to as the Pleroma) was discharged from a primordial source called the Aeon in the form of positive and negative polarities.

The word pleroma is derived from the Greek meaning ‘filling’ or ‘being full’.

The Aeon and pleroma have several different interpretations depending on the belief they are attached to and these are too many and varied to discuss in detail on this site.

We have therefore kept our focus to the ancient Greeks as our source of information for this phenomena.

Greek philosophy:

The first of the ancient Greek researchers to take a look into the pleroma in great depth was Aristotle (q.v. Physics Book IV Section 8 ) when he investigated the principle horror vacui – in other words ‘nature abhors a vacuum.’

He concluded that nature does not contain any vacuum (including the regions of outer space), but that there is a substance that fills the void.

Aristotle coined the Greek word ‘aether’ to define the pleroma, which he regarded as a medium which permeated space and filled the gaps between particles of matter.

(Gk: aether > aitho - shine, burn, radiate into upper air)

His concept of aether was expanded by such luminaries as Francis Bacon and many other noted scientists, (see ‘luminiferous aether’ Wikipedia.) over the centuries.

Eventually through the additions of many other scientists such as James Clark Maxwell and Einstein, this led to our current understanding of quantum theory which finally re-defined the existence of a luminous aether with a more technical definition based on modern physics > ‘plenum’ as ‘space filled with matter.’

(Lat: plenus – full)

Now 21st century scientists postulate that there is a quantum energy that ‘fills’ the universe - ‘dark matter.’ (pleroma?)

Here is a You Tube video that might go some way to explaining quantum energy.


Aristotle’s system of logic primarily focused on things one can experience with the physical senses. Those things that could not be explained through these senses were classified as extra-sensory perceptions (the province of the ‘soul.’)

Plato stated that the soul was able to experience phenomena outside of the physical senses (metaphysical).

(Gk: ta meta ta phusika – the things after physics)

Plato Aristotle

Painting by Raphael showing Plato pointing to the heavens

while Aristotle has his hand flat towards the earth.

For our purposes, the approaches of both Plato and Aristotle are interwoven, in so much as Aristotle provides the nuts and bolts of practical observation concerning the physical senses and Plato provides the vehicle with which to enter into the realm of the soul.

First and foremost, both of these great philosophers agreed on one point:

There is an energy that is the source of life, be it the life of the macrocosm (pleroma) or the life of the microcosm (soul.)

From their philosophical viewpoint, this spiritual emanation was the Universal Truth.

The Universal Truth

The first of the ancient Greek philosophers to delve into the spiritual nature of man was Pythagoras.

He conducted systematic experiments of numerical ratios with the idea that ‘number rules the universe’ and many of his mathematical equations were endowed with mystical and spiritual qualities.

His investigation on the musical scale and the concept of the harmony of the spheres also influenced his belief in the ‘transmigration of the soul.’

After many travels he formed a school in Croton, Italy which became a secret society of adherents called the ‘Brotherhood.’

This brotherhood was set up with the goal of uncovering the ultimate truths of existence.

Wikipedia contains the following definition for Universal Truth:

“A truth is considered to be universal if it is logically valid in and also beyond all times and places.

Hence a universal truth is considered logically to transcend the state of the physical universe, whose order is derived from such truths.

In this case, such a truth is seen as eternal or as absolute.”

q.v. Wikipedia > Universality – Philosophy

It is difficult to gauge what can be considered as eternal or absolute, as it lies outside of physical measurement, but Pythagoras believed that the ‘universal truth’ could only be perceived in a state of purity (physical, mental and spiritual.)


Drawing on Pythagoras' use of mathematics, this site enters the realm of quantum awareness as a mathematical extrapolation of spiritual energy.

In other words, the spirit (or soul) operates in the quantum sphere when radiating the wavelengths of energy.

Of course, in ancient Greece they didn't have electron microscopes capable of investigating atomic and molecular structure.

It therefore required a 'quantum leap' to contemplate a transcendence from the material dimensions of body and mind to a connection with and closeness to the harmony of the Universal Truth.


A quantum leap can be described in a physical sense (atomic physics) or in a spiritual sense (quantum awareness).


In physics a quantum leap is defined as a sudden or abrupt transition from one atomic or molecular energy level to another, by emission or absorption of energy.


In the spiritual sense a quantum leap is an abrupt change in consciousness (epiphany) which brings about a breakthrough or improvement in spiritual awareness.

Quantum Awareness Drill 2 - frisson) describes how certain experiences in everyday life approximate these quantum leaps.

A new way of life:

Aristotle followed on from the teachings of Pythagoras by stating that even a person of good moral conduct does not necessarily rise to a level where he can contemplate the higher levels and perceptions of spiritual existence.

By necessity it requires a very virtuous approach to life and even then perhaps a certain element of 'hope' in the achievement of such awareness.

“Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible.”

Plato also stated that if this quantum leap was made, it would lead to a ‘new way of life,’ where an individual who became a paragon of virtue could reach the upper heights.

Goal of Paragon Arete:

This site follows in the footsteps of the great Greek philosophers with the goal of achieving greater quantum awareness.

This is done in three steps:

STEP 1: Physical health

Physical health can be maintained and improved by taking care of the body.

Basic common sense regarding diet and exercise are a necessary component of physical well-being.

To enhance this approach, modern science has introduced the analysis of DNA as a method of improving health at a cellular level.

This process is called EPIGENETICS.

A full summary of epigenetics is available on this site in the article called 'Epigenetics'.

An analysis is done by using a sample of your hair which is scanned and analysed using sophisticated state of the art computer programming.

Ø An epigenetic scan can be provided through this site.

(See the section on hair scanning if you would like to order this service.)

STEP 2: Mental Health

With the advent of Covid 19 there has been a greater emphasis on mental health than ever before. Many people have suffered bouts of depression because of the enforced lockdowns.

The Paragon Arete Character Development workshop has a proprietary procedure (techne) which balances defective behaviour by concentrating on virtue (arete).

This procedure is very effective in reducing mental stress and releasing depression.

Ø See the section on Character Development if you would like to order this workshop.

STEP 3: Quantum awareness

Quantum awareness is a spiritual attribute.

Currently spiritual qualities have no definable means of physical measurement, but this doesn't mean they don't exist.

The goal of Paragon Arete is that you break through to the quantum field using your own power and awareness.

With the help of the quantum awareness drills contained in this site, any free and responsible being can experience higher levels of consciousness through acts of his own will.

Ø See the section on the Quantum Awareness if you would like to order this workshop.

The Gates of Dreams:

It may seem like an impossible dream to achieve quantum awareness, but the Greeks placed a great emphasis on the interpretation and manifestation of dreams.

They considered there were two gates for dreams:

Gate 1: The conduit for false dreams that cheated with empty hopes, (they passed through an ivory gate).

Gate 2: The conduit for true dreams - meaning dreams that would be accomplished, (they passed through a gate made of horn).

As stated in the Techne Manual (Techne 7) :

“Superstition, or the idea that ‘mystic knowingness’ is only for the initiated few, can prevent observation of the real spiritual qualities of life.

False gurus, quasi-spiritual leaders or just outright charlatans trade on spiritual occlusion.

Example: bereaved families may consult psychics to gain access to the spirit world in order to speak to their loved ones again.

Example: charismatic spiritualist practitioners are blindly followed by their converts, who then adopt false beliefs as their own.

Belief is a potent energy and when used correctly has been known to move mountains.

However, copying or relying on the doctrines of others who profess to know mystical secrets or means of spiritual communication that are unavailable to you, can become a dangerous and compulsive habit.

A belief that others know or can perceive more than you can, may also lead to a loss of confidence or conviction in your own spiritual power or perception.”

Step 3 is designed to provide practical guidance and assistance to achieving quantum awareness by drawing on your own power.

The drills will help you to achieve spiritual recognition or they won’t!

Do them and you will see for yourself!

There is need to rely on anyone else’s opinion.

Special Note:

In order to enrol on the Quantum Awareness workshop it is necessary to complete the Paragon Arete Character Development workshop first so that the concept of virtue has become a part of your daily habit and routine.

This gives the best opportunity to achieve the goals of the Quantum Awareness workshop.

We hope you will gain a recognition of the underlying essence of the Universal Truth by doing these two workshops.

Ø See details for how to sign up for the Quantum Awareness workshop.

Note: All the drills are based on what you, with practice, might potentially perceive.


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