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Hello and welcome to Paragon Health Centre.

We hope you have come to see us because you are in reasonably good health and wish to remain that way.

Our role is focused on health, not disease, so we would like to emphasise that we do not cure the sick, this is the province of doctors, medical professionals and hospitals.

Our primary goal is to safeguard your health so you either don’t get sick in the first place or maintain an optimum healthy condition.

How do we do that?

We take a scan of your hair and send it to a master computer which analyses your DNA.

This is part of a relatively new science called epigenetics based on discoveries in the field of basic cell structure.

(For a detailed explanation of epigenetics see > separate article)

For this brief introduction we will take the example of a wall.

For our purposes the body can be likened to a wall, each brick being an individual cell.

If all the bricks are in the right place and in good condition, the wall will remain intact and hold up the basic structure of the house (in this case the human body).

If the bricks (cells) are rotten, decayed or deficient (in nutrients) the wall will break apart and may even fall down completely.


If you are health conscious, you naturally take measures to keep fit and well, such as detox, supplements, exercise and other treatments to either alleviate or prevent adverse conditions. If you are athletic you no doubt want to maintain optimum fitness and performance.

Whether or not you are not sick or ill, or feel bad enough to take a day off you may have noticed some minor unhandled physical conditions.

Maybe you are just aware that something non-optimum is going on.

It could be just a minor discomfort or feeling occasionally rundown or lacking energy.

Perhaps you’re becoming a little more susceptible to viruses, routine bugs, illnesses and infections?

Any of these symptoms are the first indication that the cell walls are beginning to break down.

The next question:

Should I wait until it (hopefully) goes away or is it worth investigating before it gets worse?

An epigenetic analysis can provide a DNA blueprint which highlights the external influences that are affecting your overall wellbeing.

This will provide an analysis of:

1. Immune system:

correct calibration of the immune system,

2. Diet

providing sufficient nutrition for your body needs

3. Physical exercise

to keep body functions in peak condition.

4. Mental stress influence

this might also need to be taken into consideration.

The Paragon Health Program

addresses all of the above with the end in mind of maintaining optimum health and well-being.

The program is made up of several different steps:

1. Education:

Covers details on health and well-being and provides an education on how you can spot the cause of non-optimum physical conditions before they become more serious.

2. Hair follicle analysis:

The hair is an amazing bio-marker, with each strand containing a complete genetic record.

As the next step of the program a scan is made of the hair and sent to be decrypted by computer analysis.

Your individual genetic blueprint is then mapped out as regards vitality, health, strength and fitness.

3. Epigenetic report:

Based on the results of the scan, a tailor-made 35 page epigenetic report is generated which analyses the performance of many of your basic physical functions and provides a plan to bring them as close to optimum as possible.

4. Wellness program:

The program contains:

a. a nutritional diet designed around the computer analysis

b. vitamin and mineral regimen

c. mental stress coaching (if needed)

d. exercise system

e. acupuncture - to stimulate the body’s natural healing ability if needed

Prevention is better than cure.

Desiderius Erasmus

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