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The first message from a health centre must of course be : take care of yourself.

This means follow the advice of the established authorities who have compiled proven documentation and advice about physical health.

The simple statement here is, if it makes sense use it. If it doesn’t make sense, question it and wherever possible find the true data and use that.

Most countries will have guidelines on how to stay healthy printed on their Government websites. These will provide common sense advice on diet, exercise and consumption of medicinal drugs and alcohol (and precautions against recreational or hard drugs) as well as many other things.


It advisable to ensure that your nutritional intake is sufficient for your body.

An active sportsman for example will need a more calibrated diet and supplement regime than an office worker, so it is sensible to get seek technical advice on what is required for your particular situation.

For detailed information on most common questions asked concerning nutrition, the ‘Healthline’ website contains many articles backed up by scientific medical evidence.

The Paragon Health Centre article “Health Tips” (available on this site) also contains information on some of the physical influences that affect bodily functions.

The article was written after studying Richard Anderson’s excellent book “Cleanse and Purify Thyself” which contains a great deal of sensible information on physical health and wellbeing.

Perhaps its most important datum is:

“The body is alkaline by nature and acid by function. Almost every function creates acid.”

Mr Anderson suggests that the best balance of alkaline to acid is 70% alkaline > 30% acid.

He also recommends that cleansing the intestinal tract and digestive system will go a long way to achieving this 70/30 balance.

It goes without saying that the quality of what you put in to a vehicle will determine the efficacy of its performance.

If you put low grade petrol into a car you will get less performance, if you put low grade combustible food into a body it will slow down the system. (Junk food is one of the primary sources of obesity in the Western world).

Doing a cleanse will undoubtedly produce excellent results as well as adjusting diet afterwards to maintain the 70/30 balance.


It is not just diet that is affecting the optimum performance of the body, many other external influences also change the immune system and metabolic functions.

The science of epigenetics applies 21st century science to explore at DNA level, how external influences can affect the functions of the body.

(Gk: epi – on top of / outside of / in addition to, gen – be produced)

Epigenetics has been useful for many different discoveries as well as being implemented to identify how external influences affect the internal functions of tissues and organs.

Hair analysis:

Hair follicles can be scanned and analysed using a sophisticated computer algorithm which highlights these epigenetic influences.

The computer program prints out a 35 page genetic blueprint which contains guidelines on diet, exercise and vitamin and mineral supplements that can help to maintain homeostasis and optimum physical condition.

It also provides a plan of how to regulate cell performance and maintain the 70/30 balance.

  • See the section on epigenetics for more detailed information.

Covid 19

This website is designed to improve health, and as such is not a political forum.

However at the present time it is impossible to talk about physical health without mentioning COVID 19.

As our maxim on the top of the page says – TRUST IN TRUTH.

At the end of the day you must determine for yourself what is the truth and what is not concerning the virus and the vaccines.

Only you can decide who or what you trust or not.

This site recommends that you avail yourself of sufficient and accurate information and exert your own intellectual reasoning to make a qualified decision on the agenda of the vaccines currently being distributed throughout the world.

We hope that you come to a conclusion that gives you peace of mind about your health with regard to Covid 19.

Whatever you decide, the fact remains that the better the condition your overall health and immune system are in, the better chance you have of recovery or prevention against Covid 19.

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